Sunday, May 16, 2010

My sewing space

I found a couple of photos on another memory stick of my Sewing Space.  I call it my sewing space as it is a corner in the open space we have upstairs.  Eventually it will be separated off as another bedroom.

At the moment I can watch TV while sewing although my darling husband complains if I sew while he is watching TV.  However I do prefer to sew in daylight especially when using dark colours.

Here is a photo of my purple challenge being quilted on my Janome MC6600.  I still can't believe I have this machine.  It was definitely worth getting and I will certainly get my moneys worth out of it.

I have spent a good part of this weekend sewing and here it is my Kaleidoscope quilt top completed.  I now have to get backing and batting and quilt it.  Any ideas for quilting designs would be appreciated.

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  1. Your Quilt top is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am so pleased you love your machine!!! I love mine to!!!!!!


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