Saturday, June 16, 2012

WQC Trapunto with Anna Williams

On Saturday 9th June I attended the WQC workshop with Anna Willams.
This class was her Celtic Alphabet.  
I haven't completed this one yet so will post photos when all done.
On Sunday we had Anna teach us Trapunto.

 This is Anna's class sample.
This is mine at the end of the class.  
Anna used mine to show the removal of the wash away thread so it is 
a little wet and creased.  I carefully put it in the car so it wouldn't get dirty
and DH was being helpful and got it out with dirty hands.  I washed it again
to remove the finger prints and laid it flat to dry.  Next day it was dry but
covered in muddy cat prints.
Here it is completed and made into a cushion.
I really enjoyed both classes.  Anna is a great teacher and has some really good tips.
Although I have been feeling more confident with my free motion quilting, I learnt
lots and now feel a lot more in control of my stitches.  Anna gave us all individual tuition
and I finally have the speed of my machine and my hands sorted so that I get reasonably
even and good sized stitches.  I hope I can maintain it on a big project.
Anna wouldn't let us stipple so I was forced to try other designs.

I am so pleased with my pebbles in the centre.

My First Mitre

The block of the month "Pieces of the Past" that I have been working
on has mitred borders.
 The borders are on and I just have to do the applique on
each corner of the light border.
A close up of my mitre

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boxes of Fabric

A friend of Stuart's gave me 2 boxes of fabric.  His mother used to work
at Barker and Pollocks and has gone in to a home.
I wasn't really sure what to expect so it took me a few days to finally go through it.
There is some really good fabric and some not so good.
I found this in one of the boxes along with a pack of blocks.
I added 3 more rows and plan to complete it and give it to Craig
as a completed quilt.

My Craft Weekend at home

I was supposed to go North to have a Craft weekend with my cousin's.
Rocky was really sick Wednesday night so after paying the after hours Vet
and my own Vet the next day, I couldn't afford to go. (Rocky is good now)
Instead I worked at home and was very productive.
My first project was quilting Poppy's quilt. 
 This is made with the blocks left over from Lindsey's Quilt.
Chloe's Quilt.  I made this little quilt to practice hand quilting.
I hand quilted the centre blocks and then it was put in the cupboard.
Every time I saw it, I thought yes I will finish hand-quilting it but at the 
weekend I decided it was never going to happen.  I machine quilted
the borders and now Chloe has a warm quilt on the chair downstairs.

 I made the rest of the blocks for the disappearing 9 patch top.

Here is the top pieced so now have to save for the border,
backing, batting and quilting.