Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taupo Symposium

Four of us went to Rotorua for the weekend and went across to
Taupo on Saturday to check out the quilts.  I was impressed
at the variety of quilts on display.
Here some that took my eye.
This one by Anna Williams.  The quilting was beautiful.

I had a really great weekend away with my 3 quilting friends and 
we are already planning for the next Symposium.

Alice in Wonderland Challenge

At the WQC show in March a group called "The Mad 4"
was created.  This comprises of me and three quilting buddies.
It started off as a challenge where we would each provide a fat quarter of fabric
but grew into having a theme as well.
The theme is from "Alice in Wonderland"
Wendy supplied the first fat quarter which was actually 2 fat eights
and she also supplied the kiwiana fabric and specified that each of the 
four challenges must contain a noticeable piece of it.
I chose the Cheshire cat from the cartoon "Alice in Wonderland"
to make this.