Friday, May 21, 2010


I received the following email from Quilt Whangarei blog
Yayyy!!!   YOU HAVE WON !!!! You have won the EQ7 competition on my blog. Well done. You need to sent me your mailing details so I can forward it to The EQ company.
It was getting late and I had just finished the newsletter for Western Quilters Circle Inc when I checked my emails.  I replied straight away and then went to bed.  I woke this morning thinking, did I dream it as I don't win things but on checking my emails again this morning, there was another email from Leeann.  Thank you Leeann from Quilt Whangarei  and thanks also to "The Electric Quilt Company" for this wonderful gift.


  1. Opps I've spotted my typo! Send not sent. Anyway Congratulations again

  2. Thanks. I was so excited I didn't notice it either.

  3. Congratulations Claire!!!!!
    I will be watching your blog with interest and to see what you have been designing with your new EQ7!!!
    Happy Quilting Liz


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