Monday, January 24, 2011


I made this tablerunner for my agility and good friend Cheryl
for her birthday.  I used some of the fabric left over from 
the quilt I made her.
The applique block came from the book "Hop to It"  by
Edyta Sitar.  The block is called "Spring Reel" 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Wall Hanging

I have completed another wall hanging.
This one is a birthday present for my pen pal
who lives in Adelaide.  We have been corresponding
by writing letters the old fashioned way since I was at high school. 
This where I say that I left high school xx years ago.  It is double
figures but I prefer not to count up as it is rather scary
for a person who couldn't see how they would manage the
5 year training course, let alone leave after 16 years and 
then return again after 4.5 years to do another more than
10 years and still counting.
  Last year we moved to emails. 
I traced the design and cut out all my pieces to
discover I had traced the layout design which wasn't
to scale.  I had done too much to start again and continued
and it turned out an inch smaller than intended.
I even tried some different quilting on this and I am very 
pleased with the outcome.  I hope she likes it.
Now to wrap it and post it.

My sewing room

This is probably the cleanest and tidiest my sewing space has been in a while.  As I was finally getting the inset table top I wanted for my sewing machine, I decided to use the opportunity to spring clean and sort the area.  The windows are so clean that you can actually see through them.  In the process of scrubbing the walls and floor, I remembered all the time I spent painting both when the house was first built in 2000.  Hard to believe we have lived in the house for 10 years. How did that happen?  We lived in a caravan for 4.5 years before that.

Well here it is completed.  Doesn't it look so neat
and tidy.  Just as well the cupboard door wasn't open
as my spring clean did not extend that far.
And look at the view.  I look in to a lovely mature
Rimu tree and other native bush.  Note the home made mosquito
screens so we can leave the windows open as the mosquito's are big
out here.