Friday, January 8, 2010


I decided to make a list of all my UFO's yesterday.  That was rather scary as it is longer than I thought it would be.  Last year was supposed to be my finishing projects year, but from the list I didn't achieve much.  Hopefully I will have paid off my new sewing machine by the beginning of February and then I hope to start quilting some of the tops I have waiting to be finished.  In the meantime I plan to finish some of the smaller projects and keep up to date with the block of the month I am doing presently.  Of course a lot of projects get interrupted by work, agility and the need "to do now for presents" as birthdays, etc appear.  If I was more organised I would be more prepared.  Enough rambling from this tired worker who has just completed 9 days working in a row.  I now need a week to recover and I have a whole 3 days.


  1. It is so cool seeing what you are doing! I will be looking forward to see some of your work from the new machine.


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