Saturday, April 16, 2011

Latest Projects

It seems like ages since I last had a day sewing. 
This year I decided to go to Dream Girls at Quilters Dream.
This is held once a month over 8 months.  Each month there
is a project and the instructions for a mystery quilt.  
Month 1 we received the fabric list and here is my fabric.
 And the first block. There are 52 blocks here.

The 2nd block
Only 48 of this one. I wonder what the finished quilt
will look like.

This months project  is Kitchen things.  I made a 
Double Ender today.
 The front
And the back.


  1. Love the colours you have choosen for your mystery quilt!!!!
    Happy Quilting Liz

  2. Yummy Fabric for your mystery quilt - really liking the margenta butterfly one.

  3. Me too. From what I have been told, probably won't see much butterfly in the finished quilt.


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