Thursday, March 31, 2011

Halberg Challenge

It is time to reveal the latest Halberg Group Challenge.
We were supplied with a photo of Lars Peter Halberg on cloth
and some pieces of fabric.  
Make a heirloom quilt with some of the photo showing and
using some of the supplied fabric.  Could add other fabrics.
I wanted to show the direct line from Lars Peter Halberg to me.
 so I printed off photos of me, (Claire Halberg),
 my father (Peter Elvery Halberg),
grandfather (Oswald Reuben Halberg) and put those details on too.
Pop is pictured here with Nanna (Violet Elizabeth Emily Pond).
My Father and Mother on their wedding day (Glenda Mawson)
and me and my husband (Stuart Harold Vivash).


  1. That is fabulous Claire! Do bring it with you when you come and visit, looking forward to that weekend.

  2. Well done!
    Look ~ I can post comments Now ^..^

  3. So pleased you can make comments again. I still miss your blog.


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