Monday, February 7, 2011

Cushions as requested

Our friends Arnie and Karen got engaged at the end of last year and we gave them the last swing seat Stuart made before his back got so bad.  It had been sitting in the weather for a couple of years but they were keen and took it home. I promised them cushions for Christmas and they requested themes. Arnie wanted a stag and Karen a horse.  Here are there cushions on their swing seat which they stained and put on their deck.

I found this lovely horse print and put on the back of them both.  I had hoped to find a deer print but didn't in time. Today I went to Ascot Lane with Wendy`to show them the  WQC raffle quilt (they donated the fabric) and there hanging on a stand was the perfect deer print. Oh well never mind, they loved their
cushions as they were presented.


  1. There are really lovely Claire! Well Done!!!

  2. Great cushions, but isn't it always the way that you find the perfect fabric AFTER you're finished!


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