Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Wall Hanging

I have completed another wall hanging.
This one is a birthday present for my pen pal
who lives in Adelaide.  We have been corresponding
by writing letters the old fashioned way since I was at high school. 
This where I say that I left high school xx years ago.  It is double
figures but I prefer not to count up as it is rather scary
for a person who couldn't see how they would manage the
5 year training course, let alone leave after 16 years and 
then return again after 4.5 years to do another more than
10 years and still counting.
  Last year we moved to emails. 
I traced the design and cut out all my pieces to
discover I had traced the layout design which wasn't
to scale.  I had done too much to start again and continued
and it turned out an inch smaller than intended.
I even tried some different quilting on this and I am very 
pleased with the outcome.  I hope she likes it.
Now to wrap it and post it.

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  1. You do some beautiful work! I happened to find your blog by searching for others interested in genealogy. I see you live in New Zealand. I am in the USA but happen to be planning a trip to Kiwi land this coming November. My husband and I want to go there to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We plan on focusing on the North island. Any tips on points of interest?


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