Sunday, August 8, 2010

Through the Trees

Here is "Through the Trees" finished.  I had a little bit of quilting to finish and then stitch the hanging sleeve on, which I kept putting off.  Finally finished it today.

I had a whole day to myself to sew and couldn't get in to anything.  Since I finished Lindsey's quilt, completed the backing for Cheryl's quilt and took it to be quilted, I felt lost.  Crazy really when I have so many UFO's that need attention.  I have started my next Halberg Group challenge which is using blue and white.  It won't be on the blog until after completion date of 30 Sept.


  1. WOW!!!!!Your wallhanging is truly amazing.

  2. Thanks. I am amazed myself.

  3. This looks good, well done. Just nosey what is a Halberg challenge?

  4. My 2 cousins and Aunt are all in to quilting and we decided to do challenges. Each quarter 1 of us chooses and send the challenge to the others. Halberg is our family name except all us changed when we married.


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