Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jenny Hunter Workshop

This months workshop at WQC was Jenny Hunter teaching "Through the Trees".  What a great day we had.  There were 17 in the class and by the end of the day we had all got most of the background completed.  It was the first time Jenny had taught this class and she wanted to see them all together.  Unfortunately no one had a camera so no photos to show the many variations.  Here is a photo of mine.  Now I need to do the quilting but that is going to have to wait as I have Agility tomorrow with my dogs and I have to go as it is my own Clubs' show.  It is bound to rain and no it is never cancelled.

Here are a couple of the blocks I completed at Kathleen's over Queens' Birthday weekend.  I still have the appliqué to do on the others.  Although I had the week off, it went very quickly and I didn't get the sewing done as planned.

On Thursday we went to choose the material for the raffle quilt.  It is gorgeous and I wish it was for me.

Sadly on Friday we were told that Betty (a very dear family friend of Stuart's) had a stroke and if we wanted to see her, best to go sooner.  So we went off to Auckland Hospital to see her.  It was very sad to see her unable to communicate and unable to move one side of her body.  Betty stepped in and helped out when 
Stuart's mother died and he has many fond memories of her.  She married Stuart and I at the Dilworth Chapel in 1987 and in March attended my 50th birthday lunch.

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  1. Love the photo of your workshop quilt you have done with Jenny Hunter. I also like the other blocks you have made. We had a great Dinner tonight with Kathleen, Andrew and some other family members. We all bought some tickets in Kathleens rooster and chook quilt, it is so beautiful. I had 5 minutes up my sleeve today so had a quick look at some ideas for the next challenge ( the Blue and white one)
    Happy Quilting Liz


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