Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Landscape Workshop

I was going to wait until this was finished before loading it on to my blog but I am so pleased with it that I want to show it off. 

On Saturday I went to the WQC workshop to learn a simple grid system for creating a landscape quilt.  I have machine appliqued mine but the class covered hand applique as well. 

There were a great group of ladies present and a lot of sharing of fabrics to get the right look.  The photo I took this from is of a sunset over Lake Taupo from a holiday we had there in 2006.  When I showed Stuart what I had done he asked me where Ken the Cormorant was so I was delighted when I found a cormorant on a NZ fabric in my stash and inserted it in the foreground.

I think my free motion quilting is getting better.

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